Paramathi Velur

Achievements of MLA Mr. U. Thaniyarasu


MLA Mr. U. Thaniyarasu




MLA Mr. U. Thaniyarasu


Date of Birth 20th – March – 1967
Place of Birth Kavundachipudur
Occupation Agriculture
Marital Status Married; Two Children.
Address Chennai: A5D, M.L.As Quarters, Omanthurar Government Estate, Chennai-600 002.
Mofussil: No.52, Kavundachi Pudur, Ellis Nagar Post,Dharapuram Taluk, Tiruppur District-638 657.
Telephone Chennai–Residence:   044-25368407
Mobile:   +91 9842202445

Paramathi Velur (State Assembly Constituency)

Paramathi Velur is a state assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu, India. It wasy formed after constituency delimitations in 2008[1] and forms a part of the Namakkal parliamentary constituency.

Total Voters:

Male: 1,02,578
Female: 1,08,252
Total: 2,10,835


Legislative Assembly Election Results

Assembly Duration Winner Party Votes
Fourteenth 2011- Thaniyarasu.U AIADMK 82682

History of Namakkal District

Namakkal Fort

Namakkal is a historic town with reference back to at least 7th century. The name Namakkal derives from Namagiri, which is the name of the single rock formation at the center of the town.Two cave temples at Namakkal were called as Adiyendra Visnugrha (Ranganatha swamy Temple) and Adiyanavaya Visnugrha (Narasimha swamy Temple).These Rock cut shrines were built by King Gunaseela of Adhiyaman clan descendant. Because of his marriage relations with Pallavas the temples were built of Pallava Architectural style during 7th century. Generally, Namakkal is considered to be a Vaishnava Kshetram, and there is no Shiva temple in the town until a few years ago. The rock is enormous – 65 meters high and more than a kilometre in circumference. Over this massive rock, is a fort. The fort over the rock were built by Ramachandra Nayakar, a small king who ruled Namakkal during 16th century. It is believed that Tippu Sultan hide himself in this fort for some time to escape the British. The fort was not built by Tippu Sultan but he occupied it for a brief period of time.Later the fort was captured by British. The front side of the hill is called Thiru. Vi. Ka. Paarai and used by taxis as their stand. Mahatma Gandhi held a public meeting in 1933 in Namakkal under the slope of the Namakkal rock. It is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu, that has not been seriously affected by famine and war.

It is a part of Kongu Nadu (Kongu Desam) region of Tamil Nadu which was hotly contested and coveted by both the ancient Pallavas and the Pandyas. Namakkal was in the hands of Atiakula King called Gunasila who has marriage with Pallava King. Later the taluk was overrun by the Cholas in the Kongu Mandalam .After the struggle between the Cheras, Cholas and Pandiyas, the Hoysalas rose to power and had control till the 14th century followed by Vijayanagar Kings till 1565 AD. Then the Madurai Nayakas came to power in 1623 AD. Two of the Polygons of Thirumalai Nayak namely, Ramachandra Nayaka and Gatti Mudaliars ruled the Salem area. The Namakkal Fort is reported to have been built by Ramachandra Nayakas. After about 1625 AD, the area came successively under the rule of Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golkonda Mysore kings and then the Marathas, when about the year 1750 AD. Hyder Ali came to power. During this period, it was a history of power struggle between Hyder Ali and later Tippu, with the British. The Rock Fort in Namakkal is a special feature of the Town. The Fort covers an area of one and half acres of flat surface and is accessible from South-West by a flight of narrow steps. Namakkal was held by Killdhar (Caption) on Hyder Ali until it was captured by British in 1768. For a brief period during late 18th and early 19th century Namakkal was under Tiruchirappalli district of British Rule. Later Namakkal was transferred back to Salem District.

Namakkal is declared Eco-Friendly town, know as an Industrial hub and one of the pilgrimage centres in down south. In the heart of the town a hillock of single rock and a fort on the top acknowledged as a National Monument. the hillock known as Namagiri lend its name to the town. Namakkal is an eminent town right from Himalaya and down to Kanyakumari because of Kavingnar Ramalingam Pillai, the poet and enthusiastic devotee of Namagiriamman, Sri Narahari Aachar and the Mathematic wizard Ramanujar, are born and brought up from here. The hillock also known as Sri Salagramam means the image of Maha Vishnu or a divine stone.


Namakkal District Map

Namakkal Area:

Area Sq. Km: 3.420

Namakkal Population:

Male: 869,280
Female: 857,321
Total: 1,726,601

Literacy Rates

Male: 82.64 %
Female: 66.57 %
Total: 74.63 %