Achievements of MLA Mr.N.R. Sivapathy


MLA.Mr.N.R. Sivapathy



MLA Mr.N.R. Sivapathy



Education M.A., B.L.
Date of Birth 5th June 1963
Occupation Advocate
Place of Birth Natham
Marital Status Married; Two Children.
Address Chennai: A7E, MLAs Quarters, Omanthoorar Government Estate, Chennai-600 002.
Mofussil: Middle Street, Natham Post, Thottiam Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District- 621 127.
Telephone Chennai–Residence: 044-25360423
Mobile: +91 9443411355

Musiri (State Assembly Constituency)

Musiri is a legislative assembly constituency in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Total Voters:

Male: 1,04,245
Female: 1,07,267
Total: 2,11,512


Legislative Assembly Election Results

Assembly Duration Winner Party Votes
Fourteenth 2011- N.R.Sivapathy AIADMK 82631
Thirteenth 2006-2011 Selvaraj N DMK 74311
Twelfth 2001-06 Malliga C. ADMK 47946
Eleventh 1996-01 Jothi Kannan, M.N. DMK 67319
Tenth 1991-96 M. Thangavel ADK 70812
Ninth 1989-91 Thangavel, M. ADK(JL) 49275
Eighth 1984-89 Rathinavelu, S. ADK 65759
Seventh 1980-84 Rajamanickam, M. K. ADK 53697
Sixth 1977-80 P. Kothandarama Alias Musiri Putthan ADK 34569
Fifth 1971-77 P. S. Muthuselvan DMK 35091
Fourth 1967 Muthuselvan DMK 32615

History of Tiruchirappalli District

Trichy Rockfort Temple

Woraiyur , a part of present day Tiruchirappalli, was the capital city of Cholas from 300 B.C. onwards. This is supported by archaeological evidences and ancient literatures. There are also literary sources which tell that Woraiyur continued to be under the control of Cholas even during the days of Kalabhra interregnum (A.D. 300 – 575).

Later, Woraiyur along with the present day Tiruchirappalli and its neighboring areas came under the control of Mahendra Varma Pallava I, who ascended the throne in A.D. 590. Till A.D. 880, according to the inscriptions, this region was under the hegemony of either the Pallavas or the Pandyas. It was in A.D. 880, Aditya Chola brought a downfall to the Pallava dynasty. From that time onwards Tiruchirappalli and its region became a part of Greater Cholas. In A.D. 1225 the area was occupied by the Hoysulas. Afterwards, it came under the rule of later Pandyas till the advent of Mughal Rule.

Tiruchirappalli was for some time under the Mughal rule, which was put to an end by the Vijayanagar rulers. The Nayaks, the Governors of Vijayanagar Empire, ruled this area till A.D. 1736. It was Viswanatha Nayaka who built the present day Teppakulam and the Fort. The Nayak dynasty came to an end during the days of Meenakshi.

The Muslims rules this region again with the aid of either the French or the English armies. For some years, Tiruchirappalli was under the rule of Chanda Sahib and Mohamed Ali. Finally the English brought Tiruchirappalli and other areas under their control. Soon after the area was ceded to East India Company as per the agreement at the eve of the Kanatic war, Tiruchirappalli district was formed under the Collectorship of Mr. John (Junior) Wallace in 1801. The district was then under the hegemony of British for about 150 years till the independence of India.


Tiruchirappalli District MapTiruchirappalli Area:

Area Sq. Km: 4,509

Tiruchirappalli Population:

Male: 1,352,284
Female: 1,370,006
Total: 2,722,290

Literacy Rates

Male: 89.72%
Female: 76.87%
Total: 83.23%